Yeti Cooler Sizes: Find the Perfect Fit with This Handy Guide

Yeti Coolers have long been the go-to choice for outdoor enthusiasts, picnic lovers, and those embarking on long road trips. Known for their impressive durability and unmatched ice retention capabilities, Yeti Coolers come in a variety of sizes to suit different needs. But with so many options, it can be challenging to decide exactly which size is the best fit for you.

That’s where this handy guide comes in. Whether you’re planning a day trip to the beach, a weekend camping excursion, or just need a reliable cooler for your backyard barbecue, this guide will help you navigate the different Yeti Cooler sizes. We’ll break down each size, delve into its capacity, and suggest the best use scenarios, helping you pick the perfect Yeti Cooler that meets your needs.

Yeti Cooler Sizes Quickguide

1. Yeti Roadie 20: Holds 19.9 Quarts

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2. Yeti Roadie 24: Holds 23.6 Quarts

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3. Yeti Tundra 35: Holds 28.8 Quarts

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4. Yeti Tundra 45: Holds 37.6 Quarts

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5. Yeti Tundra 65: Holds 57.2 Quarts

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6. Yeti Tundra 75: Holds 74.8 Quarts

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7. Yeti Tundra 110: Holds 96.4 Quarts

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8. Yeti Tundra 125: Holds 121.2 Quarts

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9. Yeti Tundra 160: Holds 150 Quarts

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10. Yeti Tundra 210: Holds 208.4 Quarts

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Yeti Cooler Sizes Quick Guide

In order to pick the right Yeti cooler sizes to match your specific needs, here are a few questions to consider first; for more details continue reading.

  1. Where are you planning to go?
  2. What do you need to keep cold?
  3. What outdoor activities do you enjoy?

Yeti Cooler Sizes: Guide

Let’s dig into each aspect of your quest to really comprehend and determine the perfect Yeti Cooler Sizes for you and yours.

Where are you planning to go?

Will your cooler accompany you on the skiff? Are you staying at the cabin for a season? Will it reside in the back of your truck or be stationed at the campsite for a long weekend? Do you find yourself in bear country? These are all crucial factors to ponder when selecting a hard cooler.

What do you need to keep cold?

When it comes to food and drinks for a small group on a weekend camping trip, the cooling requirements differ greatly from someone using a hard cooler to transport meat from a western hunt. Bigger isn’t always better. Opting for a cooler that is too large can result in excess air space, leading to decreased cooling performance.

What outdoor activities do you enjoy?

Whether you’re planning a laid-back camping weekend, embarking on a remote flats fishing trip, engaging in seasonal hunting, or hosting a serious BBQ, the right Yeti cooler sizes are available.

The Best Yeti Cooler Sizes According to Your Needs

In this guide, we will walk you through our top recommended Yeto cooler sizes for hard coolers for all your outdoor adventures and pursuits.

Yeti Roadie 20

Yeti cooler sizes

The Roadie 20, the only Yeti cooler size specifically designed for day trips, is an ideal companion for one-day fishing, picnics, and beach outings. As the smallest hard cooler available, it offers exceptional portability throughout the day.

Despite its compact size, the Roadie 20 boasts an impressive capacity of 16 cans or 20 pounds of ice (without any additional items). With the ability to hold 19.9 quarts or 4.14 gallons of liquid, it ensures you stay refreshed and hydrated on your adventures.

Yeti Roadie 24

Yeti cooler sizes

The Yeti Roadie 24 surpasses its 20 models in size. It provides ample space for an overnight excursion with a few friends, a small family outing, or a short fishing trip. This cooler is compact enough to be securely fastened in a kayak, and when tied down to your truck bed, it leaves plenty of room for additional treats.

Its small form factor allows for easy one-handed transportation (unless it’s filled with liquids), making it a suitable companion for hiking trips if you’re seeking a little exercise.

With a capacity of approximately 18 cans of beer or 24 pounds of ice, the Yeti Roadie 24 can hold up to 23.6 quarts or 5.9 gallons of liquid.

Yeti Tundra 35

Yeti cooler sizes

If you’re looking to increase the size a bit while still being able to carry it with one hand, the Yeti Tundra 35 is the perfect cooler for you. It’s compact enough for fishing day trips or overnight camping, yet offers ample space for all your essentials. With a capacity to hold approximately 21 cans of beer or 26 pounds of ice, this Yeti cooler has a liquid limit of 28.8 quarts or 7.2 gallons.

Yeti Tundra 45

Yeti cooler sizes

The Tundra 45 has a capacity of 28 beverage cans or 34 pounds of ice, equivalent to 37.6 quarts or 9.4 gallons. It strikes the perfect balance, being small enough for one person to handle with both hands. However, when it comes to the other sizes, we strongly recommend having two people carry it if you fill it to the brim with liquids. We wouldn’t want anyone straining their back.

Yeti Tundra 65

Yeti cooler sizes

The Yeti hard cooler model we have here is incredibly popular due to its size and features. It is slightly wider than the Yeti Tundra 45, providing even more storage capacity. It is the largest model that can be comfortably held with two hands, as long as it is not too heavy for the person.

This impressive cooler has an actual capacity of 42 cans of your favorite beverage or 52 pounds of ice. It can also carry up to 57.2 quarts or 14.3 gallons. With this size, you can enjoy up to 4 days of camping with a family of 4!

Additionally, the size of this cooler makes it versatile as it can double as a small side table when you are outdoors or even serve as a bench for kids. It truly is a multi-functional and practical choice for all your outdoor adventures.

Yeti Tundra 75

Yeti cooler sizes

The Yeti Tundra size is not only popular for accommodating larger groups and families, but it is also highly sought after by boat owners. Its design is tailored to fit seamlessly under the leaning post of most marine vessels. Additionally, it is important to note that it typically requires two individuals to carry, unless it is barely carrying any load.

These coolers boast an impressive capacity, capable of storing up to 57 cans of your favorite beverages or approximately 70 pounds of ice. With a limit of 74.8 quarts or 18.7 gallons, they provide ample space for your cooling needs.

It is worth mentioning that the maximum weight limit for liquids is up to 100 pounds, so enlisting the help of a friend is always advisable when transporting it.

Yeti Tundra 110

Yeti cooler sizes

Now, let’s discuss the Yeti cooler sizes that are intended for stationary use rather than portability. If you plan to keep your Yeti cooler permanently attached to the back of your pickup truck, RV, or large boat, the 110 models are a great starting point. Specifically designed for rafters, the Tundra 110 features dimensions based on standard raft frames. It has a generous capacity of 74 beverage cans or 90 pounds of ice, with a total volume of 96.4 quarts or 24.1 gallons.

Yeti Tundra 125

Yeti cooler sizes

Introducing the Tundra 125, a powerhouse cooler with impressive capacity. With room for 92 cans of drinks or 113 pounds of ice, it guarantees refreshment on any adventure. Its liquid limit reaches 121.2 quarts or 30.3 gallons, providing ample storage space.

As we explore other sizes within the Yeti range, hunters will find these coolers to be a game-changer for their hunting trips. The Tundra 125 boasts the perfect capacity to accommodate small and larger games, making it an ideal companion for hunters to carry in their pickup trucks.

Yeti Tundra 160

Yeti cooler sizes

Are you planning to host a camping party? How about going tuna fishing? This Yeti cooler, in its generous size, is your perfect investment!

When you’re not out there catching tuna or hunting large game, this cooler can accommodate up to 115 cans of beverages or 141 pounds of ice. With a liquid capacity of 150 quarts or 37.5 gallons, it’s also spacious enough to store food supplies for a large group over several days!

Tundra 210

Yeti cooler sizes

The 210 model of the Tundra is the largest one available for private use, offering an impressive capacity of 162 beverage cans or 198 pounds of ice. With a limit of 208.4 quarts or 52.1 gallons, it is perfect for hunters looking to share the same cooler.

Although there are two larger sizes available from Yeti, these are more suitable for commercial purposes such as fishing and selling.

Common Questions About Yeti Cooler Sizes

Now let’s move on to answer some of the frequently asked questions about Yeti cooler sizes.

Are Yeti coolers worth it?

Absolutely, investing in Yeti coolers is definitely worthwhile. These coolers are crafted with rotomolded plastic, ensuring exceptional insulation that can maintain ice for up to 5 days. Moreover, their durability allows them to serve multiple purposes, such as doubling as a camping table, bench, or even an outdoor storage box when not in use for keeping food and beverages cool.

For commercial applications, the larger Yeti cooler sizes like the Tundra 210 and above are ideal. They can be utilized for activities such as catching and selling fish.

What is the capacity of Yeti cooler sizes?

The capacities of Yeti coolers differ based on the model. For example, the Yeti Roadie 20 can accommodate 16 cans or 20 pounds of ice, whereas the Yeti Tundra 210 has a capacity of up to 162 beverage cans or 198 pounds of ice.

What are the dimensions of a Yeti cooler?

Hard Coolers:

  • Roadie 20: These coolers measure 13 5/8″ × 14 1/4″ × 19 1/8″ externally and 8 3/8″ × 9 7/8″ × 13″ internally. They are highly space-efficient!
  • Roadie 24: The 2020 model has dimensions of 17 1/2″ × 16 1/2″ × 15 1/4″ externally and 17 1/2″ × 16 1/2″ × 15 1/4″ internally. It offers overnight trip capacity while still maintaining a compact size.
  • Yeti’s Tundra 35: With measurements of 16 1/8″ × 15 3/4″ × 21 3/8″ externally and 9 3/8″ × 10 5/8″ × 13 7/8″ internally, these coolers are not as space-saving when loaded in your trunk. They have similar dimensions to the Tundra 45 but in a mini version.
  • Tundra 45: The 45 cooler measures 16 1/8” × 15 3/8” × 25 3/4” externally and 9 3/8” × 10 5/8” × 18 3/8” internally. It shares the same width as the 35 but is lower in height while being longer. In terms of capacity, it can hold more than 35, with an additional 2.2 gallons of liquid or 7 extra pounds of ice. Between the 35 and 45 options, the 45 is arguably the better choice.
  • Tundra 65: Externally, the 65 cooler measures 17 1/4″ × 16″ × 30 5/8″, while internally, it measures 10 5/8″ × 11 1/8″ × 23 1/8″. It fits well in hatchbacks and the back of truck beds, so consider this before making your purchase. It belongs to Yeti’s line of larger coolers and can accommodate an additional 5 gallons compared to the 45 coolers.
  • Tundra 75: The 75 cooler has external dimensions of 17 7/8” × 17 1/2” × 33 1/2” and internal dimensions of 10 3/4” × 12 7/8” × 25 5/8”. Apart from being able to fit more than the 65, the 75 maximizes space utilization thanks to its dimensions. However, it can be challenging to transport if you don’t have a truck or pickup, so consider this before making your purchase.
  • Tundra 110: Externally, the 110 cooler measures 18 1/8″ × 20″ × 37 1/2″, and internally, it has the same dimensions. With a capacity to hold 74 beverage cans, it can also double as a functional outdoor table.
  • Tundra 125: The 125 cooler has external dimensions of 19 7/8″ × 20″ × 40 1/4″ and internal dimensions of 12 1/4″ × 14 1/2″ × 32 1/4″. It can carry 141 pounds of ice by itself, so when packed with food supplies and drink cans, it can accommodate more family members for an extended camping trip.
  • Tundra 160: Measuring 19 3/4” × 21 3/8” × 45 5/8” externally and internally, the 160 cooler is quite large. It is important to avoid carrying it alone unless it is empty!
  • Tundra 210: Lastly, the 210 cooler has external dimensions of 25 3/4″ × 24 1/8″ × 39 3/4″ and internal dimensions of 17 5/8″ × 18 1/2″ × 31 1/8″. It is Yeti’s deepest Tundra cooler and can be used for commercial purposes if you have a small-scale venture in mind.

Soft Coolers:

Hopper flip
  • Hopper Flip 8: With dimensions of 12.4″ × 8.6″ × 10.6″ on the outside and 10.3″ × 6.8″ × 8.0″ on the inside, this compact cooler can accommodate up to 11 cans of beverages or 10 pounds of ice. It has a capacity of 8.3 quarts or 2.075 gallons, making it smaller than even the tiniest hard cooler.
  • Hopper Flip 18: The Hopper Flip 18 measures 17.7″ × 11.5″ × 12.8″ on the outside and inside. It provides ample space for 30 cans of drinks or 28 pounds of ice. With a capacity of 24 quarts or 6 gallons, this cooler is perfect for longer outings.
  • Hopper M20 Backpack: Offering a size of 18.1″ × 9.9″ × 18.1″ on the outside and 11.6″ × 8.9″ × 14″ on the inside, the Hopper M20 Backpack is the ultimate party companion. It can easily carry up to 36 cans of beverages or 22 pounds of ice, all while boasting a generous capacity of 20 quarts or 5 gallons.

What is the most sought-after size of a Yeti cooler?

The Yeti Tundra 45 is the top choice among all the Yeti cooler sizes, making it the most popular purchase. It is ideal for overnight trips with a family of four or camping adventures with a small group of friends. Following closely behind in popularity is the Tundra 65, which is not only perfect for extended outdoor excursions but also for boating enthusiasts.

Video Choosing The Right Size Cooler

Check out this video for a visual guide on selecting the perfect Yeti cooler sizes for your needs. Remember, you can never go wrong with a Yeti cooler, no matter the size you choose. Happy adventures.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Yeti coolers sizes, are each tailored for specific usage and needs. Whether you are planning a short picnic, an overnight trip, or a long outdoor adventure, you can find a Yeti cooler that fits your requirements perfectly. From the compact Roadie series to the vast Tundra 210, Yeti has got you covered. The Tundra 45 and 65 are particularly popular among users, given their balance between size and capacity. Remember to consider your specific needs, the cooler’s capacity, and dimensions before making a purchase. Happy adventuring with your Yeti!


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Photo of author
Hey there, I'm Chris. I love hitting the road for some adventure on the weekends. I believe in buying the absolute best, which led me to a quest for the perfect cooler. Frustrated with the lack of reliable info, I started reviewing coolers myself. At, I dive into the nitty-gritty details so you know exactly what you're getting. So stick around, get the facts, and let's stay cool together.