Our Review Process

There’s a reason why hundreds of readers and viewers have trusted our reviews since we started. My name is Chris, and I founded OkCoolers because I was tired of seeing cooler and drinkware reviews from people who didn’t know much about quality outdoor gear and had obviously never tried the products they were reviewing.

That’s why when we review coolers and drinkware on OkCoolers, we follow a set of rules:

We buy every product we review

All photos are our own—we want to show you exactly how the products look when they arrive and how they perform over time.

We don’t take sponsorships from brands for our reviews

While we do use affiliate links in our reviews, we only make a small commission if you follow our links and make a purchase. This doesn’t cost you anything extra but allows us to invest in buying and testing more coolers and drinkware.

When you read our reviews, you’ll see that we’re honest about our thoughts. I want you to know the good and the bad about every product.

For that reason, we never let brands influence our review process or what we publish.

My philosophy is simple: honesty is best for both of us.

We rigorously test all products

For specific types of coolers and drinkware where performance is critical, we also run scientific tests. We rank all the products we test on key categories such as durability, usability, and design.

With so many good cooler and drinkware brands out there, we’re not fooled by marketing hype. We’ve reviewed dozens of products, giving us the ability to judge them fairly and accurately.

Yes, our review process takes a long time. But my #1 goal is that you get valuable information on the products you’re considering, and that you know how those products stack up in their respective categories.

If there’s a product you’re interested in that we haven’t reviewed yet, reach out to me at [email protected]. You can also send a DM via our Facebook page or through our LinkedIn page.

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Stay cool, Chris