How Many Ounces are in a Tumbler? The Complete Guide

Ever found yourself mixing a drink or brewing a coffee, wondering about How Many Ounces are in a Tumbler? You’re not alone. With so many tumblers out there, it’s a common puzzle. That’s why I’ve crafted this guide to shed light on tumbler sizes and how many ounces they hold. Whether you’re a home barista, a cocktail lover, or just curious, this one-stop guide will demystify tumbler capacities for you. Let’s dive in and unravel this mystery together!

Key Takeaways:

  • Tumblers come in different sizes, and their capacities are measured in ounces.
  • Understanding tumbler sizes can help you choose the right one for your needs.
  • Industry standards dictate the typical ounces for different types of tumblers.
  • Popular tumbler brands like Yeti, RTIC, Stanley, and BrüMate offer various capacities.
  • Measuring tumbler capacities can be done in ounces, milliliters, or other metrics.

How Many Ounces Are in a Tumbler?

How many ounces are in a tumbler

Before we dive into the details, let’s start with a quick overview regarding, how many ounces are in a tumbler, as well as additional important tumbler features.

Exploring the different features of a tumbler can help you understand the capacity variations and why they are designed the way they are. Here are the essential features you should know about:


The size or capacity of a tumbler is expressed in ounces, and it can vary widely. The most common tumbler sizes range from 8 ounces to 30 ounces. The size you choose depends on what you plan to use the tumbler for. For example, a small 8-ounce tumbler would be ideal for sipping spirits, while a large 30-ounce tumbler would be great for iced coffee or a smoothie.

How tall is a 20oz tumbler
  • The size and shape of a 24 oz tumbler can vary depending on the type and brand. Typically, a 24 oz tumbler stands at around 7 inches in height. However, the exact height may slightly differ based on the base size and lid type. Occasionally, a 24 oz tumbler can be as tall as 8 inches or as short as 6 inches.
  • For a 22 oz tumbler, the dimensions are as follows: Height 6.5 in, Diameter 3.5 in, and Circumference 11 in. This tumbler has a capacity of 22 oz, which is equivalent to 660mL, and can hold enough liquid to fill approximately 2 servings.


The presence of double-wall insulation in many tumblers impacts their capacity. This insulation layer, designed to maintain drink temperature, often reduces the internal volume of the tumbler.

The thicker the insulation, the less room there might be for the actual beverage. So, a tumbler advertised as 30 oz might hold slightly less if it has substantial insulation.

This feature is crucial for keeping drinks at the desired temperature during long drives or outdoor activities, but it’s a trade-off between insulation effectiveness and actual liquid capacity.


The material of a tumbler, typically stainless steel or plastic, also influences its capacity.

Stainless steel tumblers, while excellent at maintaining temperature and durability, tend to have thicker walls, which can slightly reduce the internal volume compared to plastic tumblers of the same external size.

Plastic tumblers, being lighter and potentially thinner, might offer a bit more internal capacity, but they often fall short in terms of insulation and durability.


The design of the tumbler lid plays a subtle role in its capacity. Different lid styles, like slide, flip, or straw lids, don’t significantly alter the volume a tumbler can hold.

However, some lids, especially those that are leak-proof, might protrude into the tumbler, taking up a small amount of space that would otherwise be used for the beverage.

The choice of lid is more about functionality and personal preference, balancing between ease of use, spill prevention, and maintaining the drink’s temperature.


Grip features, such as textured exteriors or silicone sleeves, typically don’t affect a tumbler’s capacity.

These additions are more about enhancing the user’s hold on the tumbler, especially in active settings or for those who need a more secure grip.

While they add to the external dimensions of the tumbler, the internal capacity remains largely unaffected. The grip feature is a matter of comfort and practicality, ensuring the tumbler stays in hand without slipping.

Understanding Tumbler Sizes in Ounces

When it comes to tumblers, the size and capacity are measured in ounces. Understanding tumbler sizes can help you choose the right one for your needs. We’ll explain the different tumbler sizes available and how they correlate to ounces. Whether you prefer a smaller tumbler for your morning coffee or a larger one for all-day hydration, we’ll break down the various options.

When selecting a tumbler, it’s important to consider your intended use and personal preferences. Smaller tumblers, typically ranging from 8 to 12 ounces, are perfect for enjoying a hot cup of coffee or tea on the go. They’re compact and fit comfortably in most cup holders, making them convenient for daily use.

If you’re someone who needs to stay hydrated throughout the day, opt for a larger tumbler with a capacity of 16 to 24 ounces. These tumblers can hold more liquid, ensuring you have enough water or your favorite beverage to last you through the day. They’re great for office use, workouts, or outdoor activities.

For those who enjoy carrying their tumblers to the gym or on outdoor adventures, there are even larger options available. These tumblers can hold up to 30 oz tumbler or more, providing ample hydration for extended periods. They’re designed to keep your drinks cold or hot for longer durations, making them ideal for tackling intense workouts or exploring the great outdoors.

To help you visualize the different tumbler sizes, have a look at the image below:

How many ounces are in a tumbler

The Standard Tumbler Ounces

The tumbler industry adheres to specific standards when it comes to tumbler capacities. Let’s explore the industry’s guidelines and discuss the typical number of ounces for different types of tumblers. Understanding these standard tumbler ounces is crucial for choosing the right tumbler for your needs.

Industry Standards for Tumbler Capacities

Industry standards outline the recommended capacities for different types of tumblers. These standards ensure consistency and allow consumers to make informed decisions when purchasing tumblers. Here is a breakdown of the standard tumbler ounces:

Tumbler TypeStandard Ounces
Small Tumbler8-12 ounces
Medium Tumbler12-16 ounces
Large Tumbler16-20 ounces
Extra-Large Tumbler20+ ounces

Keep in mind that these are general guidelines, and some tumbler brands may offer slightly different capacities. However, most manufacturers aim to align with these industry standards.

How Tumbler Size Affects Beverage Enjoyment

The size of a tumbler can have a significant impact on the enjoyment of your beverages. Here’s how:

  1. Ergonomics: A tumbler that fits comfortably in your hand can enhance your overall drinking experience. It allows for a secure grip and prevents accidental spills.
  2. Temperature: The size of a tumbler can affect how quickly your beverage reaches its desired temperature. Smaller tumblers retain heat or coldness more effectively, while larger tumblers may allow for quicker temperature changes.
  3. Beverage Type: Different beverages have different ideal serving sizes. For example, a small tumbler may be perfect for a strong espresso shot, while a larger tumbler is more suitable for a refreshing iced tea.
  4. Portability: If you’re always on the go, a smaller tumbler may be more convenient to carry around, while a larger tumbler is ideal for prolonged hydration without frequent refills.

Understanding how tumbler size influences your drinking experience can help you choose the perfect tumbler for any occasion.

How many ounces are in a tumbler

Having a clear understanding of the standard tumbler ounces and how tumbler size affects beverage enjoyment is essential when selecting the right tumbler for your needs. Let’s delve into specific tumbler brands and their respective capacities, providing you with a comprehensive comparison.

How Many Ounces are in a Tumbler

Curious about how many ounces your tumbler can hold? A comparison of popular tumbler brands and their respective capacities will help you answer that question. Whether you own a Yeti, RTIC, Stanley, or BrüMate tumbler, we’ll break down the ounces each brand offers. We’ll also discuss how the tumbler’s capacity relates to your daily hydration goals, helping you stay on track.

Comparison of Popular Tumbler Brands

When it comes to choosing the right tumbler, considering the ounces it can hold is crucial. Here’s a breakdown of the capacities offered by popular tumbler brands:

Tumbler BrandTumbler Capacity (ounces)
Yeti20, 30, 36, 64
RTIC20, 30, 40
Stanley16, 20, 30
BrüMate12, 16, 20

As you can see, each brand offers a range of sizes to cater to different preferences and needs. Whether you prefer a smaller tumbler for a quick sip or a larger one for long-lasting hydration, there’s a tumbler out there for you.

Tumbler Ounces and Your Daily Hydration

Understanding the ounces in your tumbler is not only important for choosing the right size but also for monitoring your daily hydration. By knowing the capacity of your tumbler, you can easily track your water intake and stay hydrated throughout the day. Aim to consume the recommended amount of water daily, which is typically around 64 ounces (8 cups) for adults.

Note: The recommended daily water intake may vary based on individual factors such as age, sex, activity level, and health conditions. Consult with a healthcare professional to determine your specific hydration needs.

Having a tumbler with a larger capacity can be beneficial for those who prefer to carry a single bottle for their hydration needs, avoiding the hassle of refilling multiple times. On the other hand, if you prefer to drink smaller amounts of water more frequently, a smaller tumbler may be more suitable.

Remember, staying hydrated is essential for overall well-being, and having a tumbler that suits your hydration goals is key. Now that you know how many ounces your tumbler can hold, you can make an informed choice that aligns with your lifestyle and preferences.

Tumbler Capacities: From Starbucks to Yeti to Brumate

Tumblers are available in various capacities, and we will focus on two popular brands: Starbucks and Yeti. We’ll provide details about the ounces in different Starbucks tumbler options, ranging from their classic reusable cups to limited edition designs. Additionally, we’ll explore the various sizes available in Yeti tumblers, known for their durability and insulation.

Starbucks Tumblers:

  • Starbucks offers a range of tumbler options, each with its own unique features and ounces capacity.
  • The classic reusable Starbucks tumblers typically come in 12, 16, and 20 ounces sizes, catering to different beverage preferences.
  • In addition to the standard sizes, Starbucks also releases limited edition tumbler designs with varying ounces capacity, often featuring special themes or collaborations.
  • These limited edition Starbucks tumblers can range from 16 ounces to 24 ounces, giving customers more choices to express their individual style.

Yeti Tumblers:

How many ounces are in a tumbler
  • Yeti is renowned for its high-performance tumblers that are designed to keep beverages hot or cold for extended periods.
  • Their tumblers are available in different sizes, including 10, 20, 30, and 64 ounces, providing options for various needs and activities.
  • Yeti tumblers are known for their robust construction and exceptional insulation, making them a popular choice for outdoor enthusiasts and avid travelers.
  • Whether you need a compact tumbler for everyday use or a larger one for your outdoor adventures, Yeti offers a range of sizes to suit your preferences.

Brumate Tumblers:

How many ounces are in a tumbler

BrüMate offers a diverse range of tumblers, each designed to cater to different beverage needs and preferences. Here’s a breakdown of their tumbler sizes in ounces and how they compare to real-life capacities:

  • 12 oz Tumblers – These are perfect for a standard cup of coffee or a small cocktail. The size is comparable to a regular can of soda, making it ideal for a quick drink on the go.
  • 16 oz Tumblers – Slightly larger, these tumblers are great for a medium-sized coffee or a generous serving of your favorite cocktail. They hold the equivalent of a tall Starbucks drink or a large can of beer.
  • 20 oz Tumblers – This size is versatile for both hot and cold beverages. It’s akin to a venti-sized drink at Starbucks, suitable for those who need a little extra to get through their day.
  • 22 oz Tumblers – Ideal for those who prefer a bit more in their drink, these tumblers can comfortably hold a large iced coffee or a sizable cocktail. It’s slightly more than a pint, making it a good choice for beer enthusiasts.
  • 32 oz Tumblers – These are the giants of the BrüMate lineup, capable of holding an entire bottle of wine or a large iced coffee. They’re perfect for long trips, outdoor events, or for those who prefer fewer refills throughout the day.

Real-Life Examples: Tumbler Ounces in Everyday Objects

To help you visualize tumbler capacities, we will provide real-life examples of everyday objects that have similar ounces to certain tumbler sizes. Whether it’s comparing a tumbler capacity to a can of soda, a bottle of wine, or a standard glass of water, these examples will give you a better understanding of how much liquid a tumbler can hold.

Tumbler SizeComparable Everyday Object
12 ouncesStandard Can of Soda
16 ouncesLarge Can of Beer
20 ouncesVenti Starbucks Drink
24 ouncesLarge Iced Coffee
32 ouncesBottle of Wine

This table provides a practical perspective on the real-life capacity of various tumbler sizes, making it easier to visualize and relate to common everyday items. Whether it’s a can of soda or a full bottle of wine, each tumbler size has a familiar equivalent.

Calculating Beverage Servings in Tumblers

How many ounces are in a tumbler

Now that you know the capacity of your tumbler in ounces, let’s explore how you can calculate beverage servings based on its size. Understanding this calculation can help you plan your drink quantities more accurately and ensure you stay hydrated throughout the day. It’s important to note that these calculations may vary depending on the type of beverage and personal preferences.

Here’s a general guideline for calculating beverage servings:

  1. Start by determining the average serving size for your desired beverage. For example, if you prefer drinking 8 ounces of water at a time, this will be your reference serving size.
  2. Divide the tumbler’s capacity in ounces by the reference serving size. This will give you the number of servings your tumbler can hold. For instance, if your tumbler can hold 16 ounces and your reference serving size is 8 ounces, your tumbler will accommodate 2 servings.

Keep in mind that these calculations are approximate and can be adjusted based on your personal preferences or the specific beverage you’re consuming. It’s always a good idea to consult the guidance provided by health professionals if you have specific dietary requirements or goals.

Types of Tumblers

There are several types of tumblers each directly affects the question of how many ounces are in a tumbler, and each is designed with a specific use in mind:

  1. Classic Tumbler: These are the original tumblers, often seen in bars and restaurants. They are perfect for mixing drinks and typically range from 6 to 10 ounces.
  2. Travel Tumbler: These tumblers are designed for people on the go. They usually come with insulation to keep your drink hot or cold and a lid to prevent spills. Travel tumblers can range from 12 to 30 ounces.
  3. Stemless Wine Tumbler: These tumblers are a recent trend, gaining popularity for their stylish design and versatility. They typically have a 12-ounce capacity, perfect for a generous pour of wine.
  4. Moscow Mule Tumbler: These tumblers have a unique design and are traditionally used for Moscow Mule cocktails. They are usually made of copper and have a capacity of 16 ounces.
  5. Thermal Tumblers: These are known for their insulating properties, keeping drinks hot or cold for several hours. They typically have a larger capacity, ranging from 20 to 30 ounces.
  6. Mason Jar Tumbler: These offer a rustic charm and are great for both cold and hot beverages. They typically come with a lid and straw for easy sipping and can range from 16 to 32 ounces.

Remember, the choice of a tumbler will directly affect how many ounces are in a tumbler and depends on your personal preference and intended use. Whether you’re enjoying a cocktail at home, sipping coffee on your commute, or keeping hydrated on a hike, there’s a tumbler out there for you!

Common Questions About How Many Ounces Are in a Tumbler?

After learning about the different types and features of tumblers, you may still have some questions regarding how many ounces are in a tumbler. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about how many ounces are in a tumbler and tumbler capacity:

How many ounces are in a tumbler?

The number of ounces in a tumbler can vary depending on the size and brand. Tumblers typically range from 10 ounces to 30 ounces or more. It’s important to check the specific capacity of the tumbler you are interested in to ensure it can hold the amount of liquid you desire.

How do I determine the ounces in my tumbler?

To determine the ounces in your tumbler, you can typically find the capacity indicated on the packaging or product description. If it’s not explicitly stated, you can use a measuring cup or scale to measure the volume of liquid your tumbler can hold.

What are the standard tumbler ounces?

The standard tumbler ounces can vary, but common sizes include 12 ounces, 16 ounces, 20 ounces, and 30 ounces. However, it’s important to note that these sizes are not universal, and different brands may offer different standard sizes. Be sure to check the specific tumbler you are interested in for its standard size.

How much liquid can a tumbler hold?

The amount of liquid a tumbler can hold depends on its size and capacity. Smaller tumblers may hold around 8 to 12 ounces, while larger ones can hold 20 to 30 ounces or more. It’s important to consider your beverage needs and preferences when selecting a tumbler.

How many ounces are in popular tumbler brands like Starbucks, Yeti, RTIC, and BrüMate?

The ounces in popular tumbler brands vary. Starbucks offers a range of tumbler sizes, including options like their 12-ounce reusable cups and 20-ounce tumblers. Yeti tumblers are available in sizes ranging from 10 to 30 ounces or more. RTIC offers similar sizes to Yeti, while BrüMate offers options like their 12-ounce Hopsulator slim can coolers and 16-ounce ReHydration tumblers.

How can I measure a tumbler’s capacity in ounces?

To measure a tumbler’s capacity in ounces, you can use a measuring cup or scale. Simply pour water or another liquid into the tumbler until it reaches the desired level, then measure the amount of liquid in ounces. This will give you an accurate measurement of the tumbler’s capacity.

Are tumbler capacities measured only in ounces?

While tumbler capacities are commonly measured in ounces, they can also be measured in other metrics, such as milliliters. Some tumblers may indicate both the ounces and milliliters to provide users with multiple options for measurement. Be sure to check the specific measurement indicators on the tumbler you are interested in.

What are some real-life examples of tumbler ounces in everyday objects?

Tumbler ounces can be visualized by comparing them to everyday objects. For example, a 12-ounce tumbler is roughly the size of a soda can, while a 16-ounce tumbler is similar to a standard glass of water. A 24-ounce tumbler is equivalent to a large bottle of beer or a typical wine bottle. These examples can help you better understand the capacity of different tumbler sizes.

How can I calculate beverage servings in tumblers?

To calculate beverage servings in tumblers, you can divide the tumbler’s capacity by the serving size. For example, if your tumbler holds 20 ounces and a serving size is 8 ounces, you would divide 20 by 8 to get 2.5 servings. This calculation helps you understand how many servings of a beverage you can have based on your tumbler’s capacity.

What factors influence a tumbler’s holding capacity?

Several factors can influence a tumbler’s holding capacity. The shape and design of the tumbler can impact how much liquid it can hold. Additionally, any additional features like insulation or lids can affect the tumbler’s capacity. It’s important to consider these factors when selecting a tumbler to ensure it meets your specific needs.

What is a normal-size tumbler?

A normal-sized tumbler typically holds between 12 and 16 ounces. The larger the tumbler, the more it can accommodate, allowing you to enjoy your drink for longer periods without frequent refills.
Understanding the significance of tumbler sizes is crucial, depending on your intended usage. If you primarily use your tumbler at home or in your car, the choice between a small or large tumbler becomes apersonal preference. However, if you prefer to take your drink on the go, opting for a smaller tumbler is advisable for easy portability. This ensures it effortlessly fits into your bag wherever you venture.

How many Oz is a regular tumbler?

Regular tumblers come in a variety of sizes, with the most common options being 500ml (16 ounces), 750ml (24 ounces), and 1 liter (32 ounces). Among these, the 750ml (24 ounces) version stands out as the favored choice due to its ample capacity and spill-proof design.

When choosing a tumbler, capacity is a vital consideration. It’s crucial to know how much liquid it can hold, ensuring you don’t run out of tumblers unexpectedly.

The appropriate size for your tumbler depends on factors such as the type of beverage you’re preparing, the required quantity, and whether you typically have any leftovers. Ultimately, the goal is to maximize the number of drinks you can make in each cup without any spills.

When it comes to stainless steel tumblers, the size is a crucial factor to consider. Here are the most commonly available sizes:

  • Small: 8 oz., 16 oz., 32 oz.
  • Medium: 12 oz., 24 oz., 36 oz.
  • Large: 20 oz., 32 oz., 64 oz.

Choosing the right size can make a significant difference in your tumbler experience.

Does tumbler size matter?

The size of your tumbler can significantly impact your coffee experience, influencing both the brewing process and the resulting flavor. The tumbler serves as the vessel for brewing and aerating your coffee, acting as the primary source of its aromatic profile.

Coffee connoisseurs recommend using an 8-ounce or larger mug for home brewing, as it aligns with the standard cup size. If you’re uncertain whether your current mug can accommodate your needs, it might be worth considering an upgrade to a larger one.

Opting for a larger mug not only provides more surface area for water and coffee grounds to interact but also saves time by eliminating the need for frequent scooping from a smaller container when making multiple cups.

Video IS IT WORTH IT? New Stanley Tumbler 30oz vs 40oz

Still, wondering how many ounces are in a tumbler? It depends! Check out our review of the new Stanley Tumbler in both 30 and 40-ounce sizes. These are put to the test to see which one is worth the investment for your daily use.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, understanding the ounces in a tumbler is crucial when it comes to selecting the perfect one for your needs. Throughout this guide, we have explored the world of tumblers and their varying capacities, delving into tumbler sizes, industry standards, and popular brand comparisons.

By knowing the ounces in a tumbler, you can make an informed decision based on your preferences and desired beverage experience. Whether you prefer a smaller tumbler for your morning coffee or a larger one for all-day hydration, understanding tumbler ounces is the key to finding the ideal fit.

Furthermore, the significance of knowing tumbler ounces goes beyond just measurement. It enables you to enhance your beverage enjoyment and stay hydrated throughout the day. By choosing the right tumbler for your needs, you can ensure that each sip is refreshing and satisfying.


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Hey there, I'm Chris. I love hitting the road for some adventure on the weekends. I believe in buying the absolute best, which led me to a quest for the perfect cooler. Frustrated with the lack of reliable info, I started reviewing coolers myself. At, I dive into the nitty-gritty details so you know exactly what you're getting. So stick around, get the facts, and let's stay cool together.