RTIC Gallon Jug: 5 Features That Make It an Outdoor Essential

The RTIC Gallon Jug is a game-changer for those who love to explore the great outdoors. This isn’t your average jug; it’s a perfect blend of practicality and performance, specifically designed to maintain the temperature of your beverages for an extended period. Whether you’re on a camping trip, at a picnic, or just heading to the gym, this jug is a reliable companion that ensures your drink remains as hot or cold as you’d prefer.

One of the most remarkable features of the RTIC Gallon Jug is its superior insulation technology. The jug’s double-wall vacuum insulation effectively locks in the temperature, keeping your drink cold for up to 24 hours or hot for 6 hours. This feature, in combination with its robust and sturdy build, makes the RTIC Gallon Jug an absolute must-have for outdoor enthusiasts.

RTIC Gallon Jug Quick Guide

Rtic gallon jug

Discover the top five remarkable features that elevate the RTIC Gallon Jug to an essential component of your outdoor gear collection.

  1. Superior Insulation: The RTIC Gallon Jug features double-wall vacuum insulation which ensures your beverages stay cold for up to 24 hours or hot for 6 hours. This technology is ideal for long trips and outdoor adventures.
  2. Sturdy Design: Crafted with robust materials, the RTIC Gallon Jug is designed to withstand the rigors of outdoor activities. Its rugged exterior can bear tough conditions, making it a worthy companion for any adventure.
  3. Large Capacity: With a capacity of one gallon, this jug is perfect for those long days out in the sun. It ensures that you stay hydrated all day long without the need for frequent refills.
  4. Easy to Carry: The RTIC Gallon Jug comes with an easy-grip handle, making it convenient to carry along. Whether you’re hiking up a mountain or setting up a campsite, this handle ensures that your jug is always within reach.
  5. Leak-Proof Cap: The jug features a leak-proof cap that prevents any spillage, keeping your beverages safe. Plus, it comes with a stainless steel lid that doubles as a cup, adding to its versatility and convenience.

RTIC Gallon Jug: Features

Rtic gallon jug

Let’s dive deeper into the features that make the RTIC Gallon Jug a must-have for any outdoor enthusiast.

Superior Insulation Technology

The RTIC Gallon Jug’s superior insulation technology is one of its standout features. This technology is all about the jug’s double-wall vacuum insulation – an advanced design strategy used to maximize temperature retention.

Between the jug’s inner and outer walls is a vacuum space, eliminating the chances of heat transfer through conduction or convection. As a result, your cold drinks stay chilled for up to 24 hours, and hot beverages maintain their temperature for up to 6 hours.

This feature is especially useful for outdoor enthusiasts who want to enjoy their drinks at the ideal temperature, regardless of the surrounding environment or weather conditions. With the RTIC Gallon Jug, you can take a sip of your frosty drink after a long hike or enjoy a hot coffee during a chilly morning at the campsite, ensuring your beverage is always just the way you like it.

Sturdy and Durable Build

The RTIC Gallon Jug sports a sturdy and durable build, a feature that significantly contributes to its suitability for outdoor activities. Crafted from heavy-duty stainless steel, the jug is designed to handle the hustle and bustle of outdoor adventures. Whether it’s being jostled in the back of your 4X4, tumbling in your canoe, or enduring a rough hiking trail, the RTIC Gallon Jug stands up to the challenge.

Its rugged exterior can withstand tough conditions and potential impacts without denting or losing its functional integrity. This durable construction not only prolongs the lifespan of the jug but also ensures that your beverage remains safe and secure, allowing you to focus on your adventure without any worries.

One-Gallon Capacity

The RTIC Gallon Jug boasts an impressive one-gallon capacity, a feature that sets it apart from many other beverage containers. This generous volume allows you to store a substantial amount of your favorite beverage, making it an ideal choice for long trips, camping excursions, or any activity that requires you to stay out for extended periods.

The one-gallon storage capacity means fewer refills, allowing you to stay hydrated throughout the day without the inconvenience of frequently searching for water sources.

Whether you’re out exploring nature trails, setting up camp, or embarking on a day-long road trip, the RTIC Gallon Jug ensures you have ample refreshments on hand. This feature is particularly beneficial for outdoor enthusiasts who appreciate not only the adventure but also the convenience and practicality of well-designed gear.

Easy to Carry Handle

An often-overlooked feature of outdoor gear is the ease of transport, and in this area, the RTIC Gallon Jug truly shines with its easy-to-carry handle. Designed for convenience and comfort, the sturdy handle ensures the jug is as portable as it is practical, making it simpler than ever to stay hydrated on the go.

Regardless of your outdoor activity, be it hiking, camping, or a relaxing day at the beach, you’re inevitably going to have your hands full. The RTIC Gallon Jug’s handle is ergonomically designed to fit your grip naturally, reducing the strain on your hand and making the jug easier to carry over long distances.

With the jug’s high capacity, it could get heavy when full. However, the easy-to-carry handle is robust enough to comfortably bear the weight, allowing you to transport a full gallon of your favorite beverage with ease.

In the realm of outdoor adventures, where convenience and efficiency are key, the RTIC Gallon Jug’s easy-to-carry handle illustrates a thoughtful design that prioritizes user comfort and mobility.

Leak-proof cap with Stainless Steel Lid

One of the key features of the RTIC Gallon Jug is its innovative leak-proof cap. This cap ensures a tight seal, effectively preventing any accidental leaks or spills, even when the jug is tipped over or jostled during your outdoor adventures. The assurance of a leak-free experience means you can confidently stow the jug in your backpack or car without worrying about any potential mess or waste of your beverage.

Adding to the utility of the jug is the cap’s dual function as a stainless steel lid. This lid doubles as a handy cup, allowing for convenient and easy access to your beverage without having to lug around additional drinkware. Crafted from the same robust stainless steel as the jug itself, the lid-cum-cup is resilient to the rigors of outdoor use, maintaining its shape and functionality over time.

With the leak-proof cap and stainless steel lid, the RTIC Gallon Jug is not just about carrying your favorite beverages; it’s about enjoying them with peace of mind and convenience, wherever your adventures may lead you.

RTIC Gallon Jug Reviewed

Let’s take an even closer look at the gallon jug from RTIC in the review below.

RTIC Jug with Handle, One-gallon

Rtic gallon jug
  • Fuel For The Road: Whether embarking on sun-soaked adventures or enduring daily commutes, the Jug is tailored to be your go-to travel partner, ensuring you stay refreshed throughout your journey.
  • Easy Transport: Say goodbye to temperature-related discomfort. The double-wall insulation not only retains the ideal temperature inside but also ensures that you can carry your jug comfortably without feeling the effects of external temperatures on your hands.
  • Temperature Retentive Magic: Experience the freedom of prolonged coolness. The Jug boasts an impressive ice-holding capacity for up to 24 hours, providing assurance that your drink will remain refreshingly cool, even on the hottest days.
  • Effortless Design: Enjoy hassle-free pouring, filling, drinking, and cleaning with the Jug’s thoughtful design. The small spout facilitates precise pouring, while the extra-wide opening enhances ease during filling and cleaning.
  • Pack It Away with Ease: The no-sweat exterior introduces a new level of convenience. Pack your jug away between sips without fretting about the exterior’s dampness, offering a seamless and worry-free experience.

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Introducing the Jug, your ultimate companion for life on the go! Whether you’re braving the scorching sun or enduring long commutes, this versatile jug is designed to keep you hydrated and refreshed throughout the day.

With its double-wall insulation, the Jug ensures that your beverage stays at the perfect temperature while providing a comfortable grip that won’t be affected by the outside conditions. Say goodbye to lukewarm drinks on even the hottest days, as the Jug can keep ice intact for up to 24 hours!

Designed with convenience in mind, the Jug features a small spout for effortless pouring and an extra-wide opening for easy filling, drinking, and cleaning. No more struggling with narrow openings or messy spills. Plus, the no-sweat exterior allows you to pack your jug away between sips without worrying about dampness or condensation.

Upgrade your hydration game with the Jug – the perfect companion for your daily adventures, road trips, and everything in between. Stay refreshed, stay cool, and enjoy your favorite beverages anytime, anywhere.

Common Questions About the RTIC Gallon Jug

Rtic gallon jug

It’s time to answer some common questions that people have about the RTIC Gallon Jug.

How to use your RTIC Gallon Jug?

  • Using your RTIC Gallon Jug is simple and straightforward. First, make sure the jug is clean and dry before filling it with your favorite beverage.
  • Next, use the wide opening to add ice or liquid, and then securely screw on the leak-proof cap.
  • When you’re ready for a drink, simply unscrew the cap and use it as a convenient cup.

How to clean the RTIC Gallon Jug?

Cleaning your RTIC Gallon Jug is hassle-free. It is recommended to use warm soapy water and a non-abrasive sponge or cloth to clean the interior and exterior of the jug. For tougher stains, you can also use a mixture of baking soda and water. After cleaning, rinse thoroughly and allow the jug to air dry before storing.

Can I use the RTIC Gallon Jug for hot beverages?

Absolutely! The jug’s vacuum insulation allows it to maintain the temperature of hot beverages for up to 6 hours, making it perfect for bringing along your coffee or tea on outdoor adventures.

As long as you make sure to leave some room at the top for expansion, putting carbonated drinks in the RTIC Gallon Jug is also safe. Just make sure to close the cap tightly to prevent any spills or leaks.

Can I personalize my RTIC Gallon Jug?

Yes, you can! The plain and straightforward design of the jug makes it a perfect canvas for customization. You can add stickers, and decals, or even engrave your initials on the stainless steel surface to create a unique and personalized water bottle.

Video RTIC One Gallon Insulated Jug Review

For a closer look at the RTIC Gallon Jug in action, check out this video review below. It provides a hands-on demonstration and more detailed information about the features and benefits of using the jug.


With its superior insulation, sturdy build, large capacity, easy-to-carry handle, and leak-proof cap, it’s no wonder that the RTIC Gallon Jug has become essential for outdoor enthusiasts. Whether you’re planning a camping trip or just heading to the gym, this jug is a reliable companion that ensures your drinks remain at the perfect temperature throughout your adventure. So why wait? Get your own RTIC Gallon Jug today and elevate your outdoor experience to the next level! Overall, this versatile and practical jug is a must-have for anyone who loves spending time outdoors.


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Hey there, I'm Chris. I love hitting the road for some adventure on the weekends. I believe in buying the absolute best, which led me to a quest for the perfect cooler. Frustrated with the lack of reliable info, I started reviewing coolers myself. At OKCoolers.com, I dive into the nitty-gritty details so you know exactly what you're getting. So stick around, get the facts, and let's stay cool together.